michele gorman


Path to Writing:

Long and Winding

Michele’s background is financial rather than literary. In an attempt to get a “useful” degree she studied accounting and finance, and spent many years as a very bad auditor. Eventually she began to suspect that her future did not lie in banking, so she went back to school full-time in Chicago for her Master’s Degree in Sociology. Upon graduation she was highly qualified, and unemployed.

One kind company in London finally hired her, and she stayed there for 13 years, working part-time as a market analyst to fund her writing habit.

Michele’s writing career was born from the belief that someone ought to pay her for what's inside her head without having to change out of her pyjamas. It took a few years for her ability to catch up with her ambition, but the end result was her first published book, Single in the City, published in June 2010. Misfortune Cookie and The Twelve Days to Christmas followed. And in July 2012 Michele published one of her earlier historical novels, Little Sacrifices, under the pen name Jamie Scott.